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It's A Fact... You NEED Video For Your Marketing.
"Video content promotes brand recall. Video marketing can boost your site’s SEO. Video marketing can help strengthen your brand message. Video content wants to go viral."
Forbes Agency Council
Forbes Magazine, Forbes Online
"YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan."
Leading Online Video Platform
"Video can also lead directly to sales. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it. So better start crafting your exciting product videos now!"
Content Marketing & Social Media Information
  • Businesses using video grow company revenue 49% faster year-over-year than organizations without video.
  • Social videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined.
  • Video drives over 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines compared to non-video traffic.
  • 74% of millennials find video and video reviews helpful when comparison shopping.
  • 40% of consumers state that video increases the chance they'll purchase a product on mobile
  • Video on a landing page can increase conversions by over 80%
  • 70% of marketers claim video produces more conversions than any other content
  • 4x as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it
And Not Just Any Video... You Need High Quality Video.
  • Quality Counts -- 62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video.
In the war for your customer's eyeballs, regular HD video (1280x720) isn't enough anymore. Not even FULL HD (1920x1080) cuts it. You need even higher quality... You need ULTRA HD 4K (3840x2160) Resolution!
But The Worst Part Of All... The Cost.
Have you seen how much stock video providers charge for a high quality video clip?
Shutterstock charges $179 for an 11 second 4K video of coconuts -- can you believe it?
Here's the best part, though... Most stock video providers will only let you use a clip ONCE for that license fee! Plus, you CAN'T use that video in a television commercial or any web use with an audience bigger than 500,000. If your client puts their web video on TV or their YouTube video goes viral, they might come after YOU for more license money!
Maybe one of those subscription services might be better?
VideoBlocks $19/month gets you only FIVE downloads and only HD...
You need to pay $39/month to get unlimited videos and 4K!
BUT... Their "unlimited downloads" aren't REALLY unlimited!
Read their license, it says if you download too many, they can terminate your account without refund for "abuse!"
Introducing The Best Deal In Ultra HD 4K Stock Video
Welcome To Stockocity 4K!
We Give You 2,000 4K Stock Videos For Less Than Others Charge For One Video... Or For A Single Month Of So-Called "Unlimited" Downloads!
The Stockocity 4K Advantage
This graphic shows the relative difference between all the sizes you get of each video in Stockocity 4K. Look at how much bigger that is! Bigger size means more pixels, and more pixels means higher quality.

We are dedicated to giving you every advantage and possibility. Our team has painstakingly resized all 4K videos into six sizes, from 3840x2160 all the way down to 426x240. That way, you'll always have the exact size you need for whatever project you're creating.

That's right, each video comes in SIX sizes -- you won't ALWAYS need highest quality, plus online video tools require uploading -- a 4K video can easily top 500MB.
Supercharge Your Videos To The Top With Ultra HD 4K!
YouTube Rewards Quality analyzed 1.3 million YouTube videos to better understand how YouTube’s search engine works.

One of the key indicators identified is that HD videos dominate YouTube’s search results. 68.2% of videos on the first page of YouTube are in HD or better. And it's estimated that only 25% of videos on YouTube are available in HD or better.
Stay Legal And Prevent Fines
You are taking a huge risk when you use unlicensed video in your marketing efforts. At best, your video will get deleted from YouTube and their friends, resulting in loss of all that time and effort. At worst, you can be found liable for thousands of dollars in copyright infringement fines.

Stock video sites also have meticulous licenses that you could easily violate by accident. All it takes is using a video more than once, or having too many people view it (which is what you WANT, right?)... and you could find yourself with an expensive invoice.

Stockocity 4K has a liberal usage license. Use our stock videos and feel safe. We WANT you to use the video you purchased a license for!
Truly Unlimited Downloads
Your Stockocity 4K purchase includes unlimited access to our downloads area. Our stock video files are organized by subject matter. No more wasting time with video subjects you aren't interested in, just download the niche you want and the video you need will be in there.

BUT... you can download it all if you want. We won't penalize you like some "Unlimited Downloads" stock video memberships do.

Plus, our video files are named with detailed keywords/keyphrases, so you can quickly and easily find the exact video file you need, when you need it.
You Can Use Stockocity 4K Videos In Any Of These Different Types Of Videos...
  • Affiliate Review Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • JV Partner Videos
  • Special Offer Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Real Estate Videos
  • Video Intros
  • Video Outros
  • Lead Generation Videos
  • Call To Action Videos
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Corporate Brand Videos
  • Online & TV Commercials
  • Sales Videos
And Many More Types Of Videos...
Take A Sneak Peek At Some Stockocity 4K UHD Video Footage!
Expand It To Full Screen -- Look At The Quality!
Stockocity 4K Crushes The Competition In Flexibility & Value
Stockocity 4K
Multiple projects per video
One-time usage only
Multiple projects per video
N/A Individual Purchase
Undefined "abuse" limit*
$67/one time
$79-$499 per video
* Video Blocks' license states that, to prevent "abuse," they reserve the right to close the accounts of any "Unlimited" plan user who downloads too many videos. This is done on a case-by-case basis and no specific quantity limit is stated.
There's No Comparison, Stockocity 4K Is The Smart Choice.
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For 30-days from purchase, Stockocity 4K is offering a "no-hassle, no questions" guarantee (provided you have not downloaded 100 or more individual files.)

In the unlikely event you decide that Stockocity 4K is not for you, simply contact our support desk for a complete refund of your payment.
During Our Limited Time Launch, You'll Also Get The Following Special Bonuses To Help You Build Your Business:
Bonus #1
YouTube Authority
This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to get started on YouTube
Learn what it takes to get started on YouTube, including the equipment and software you’ll need to produce your own videos.
You’ll learn how to choose your niche and determine what kinds of videos you’re going to produce.
Discover how to properly optimize your YouTube channel so that you can be successful on the platform.
Find out what you need to do to develop your content strategy and get started producing the videos your audience wants to see.
Learn some different strategies for building your audience on YouTube and gaining more views and subscribers.
Discover the strategies for increasing your customer engagement with your videos and YouTube channel.
Learn some of the different ways that you can monetize your YouTube channel and start making passive income.
Learn the mistakes to avoid making on your YouTube channel if you want to be successful.
($197 value)
Bonus #2
Modern Video Marketing
How to use video to build trust connections with your buyers
Video has always been around. In fact, its marketing potential has always been apparent to a lot of online marketing professionals.

But here's the problem. The challenge to video marketers nowadays is that video may have been the victim of its own success.

With this video course...
  • You are going to understand the old elements that sill remain alive in video marketing.
  • You will learn to identify the new and old factors that make up modern video marketing.
  • You will understand the concept of return on effort.
  • You can begin to understand the KLT (know-like-trust) buying process.
  • You are going to learn exactly how to create a human connection with your prospects.
  • And much more!
($197 value)
Bonus #3
Video Marketing Profit Kit
The step-by-step blueprint to a thriving video business
Pictures may be worth a thousand words 
but videos are worth thousands of pictures... and more!

With video, you can pack a tremendous amount of verbal and non-verbal signals.
In other words, video is able to put a face to your brand and make your brand talk to the needs, fears, hopes, and aspirations of your prospective customers.

Sadly, too many marketers do video marketing WRONG!

With this course discover how to use video marketing to build a thriving online business!

You'll Learn How To:
  • Find Winning Video Topics
  • Create Persuasive Marketing Videos
  • Save Money On Video Creation
  • Make Money From Your Videos
($197 value)
Bonus #4
The Internet Marketer's Handbook
79 actions for getting huge results in your online business
Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:
  • How to use psychology to determine your optimal product pricing. 
  • Uncover the secrets for collecting data about customer activity on your website so that you can make a better product. 
  • Learn how to target influence marketers to expand your target audience and generate more high-quality traffic to your website. 
  • How you can analyze your blog for clues on how to better optimize it to get more views and shares.
  • Learn how to quickly identify the most popular topics in your industry to create buzz worthy blog posts. 
  • How to save money by producing your own YouTube ads. 
  • You’ll gain valuable insight on what key performance indicators (KPIs) you need to follow and how to create a customized metrics dashboard that keeps you on top of these KPIs. 
  • You’ll figure out how to benchmark your cost per acquisition target so you don’t spend more to obtain a new customer than their worth.
  • You’ll uncover the secret for finding the perfect name for your business, product, or service.
  • You’ll learn how you can use Google Ads to Test Demand for Your Product.
  • You’ll discover a quick hack for conducting the best keyword research for SEM and SEO.
  • And much, much more!
($197 value)
Bonus #5
YouTube Channel SEO
How To Boost Your YouTube Channel Ranking
In this video training course, you will learn how to take your YouTube Channel to brand new heights.
Video marketing is one of the easiest ways to get highly targeted traffic, but you have to do it right.
The problem is that ranking on YouTube isn’t as easy as it was back in 2005, or even 2010.
Plus, on top of that, there are tons and tons of different marketing strategies out there online.  Many of these work and many of them have faded away.
Understanding what Google wants and making sure what you do looks as natural as possible is the key strategy here.

Topics covered:
  • Introduction to YouTube Video Traffic
  • What This Is NOT
  • What Google Wants & The Strategy
  • The Ring
  • How to Automate The Ring
  • Account Creation
  • Outsourcing
  • Testing
($197 value)
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    Youtube Authority
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Stockocity 4K 2000 3840x2160 Stock Videos Personal License
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    I understand that I'll receive instant access to...
    • 2,000 Ultra HD 4K Royalty Free Stock Videos
  • These Valuable Bonuses Directly In Your Account:
    Youtube Authority
    Modern Video Marketing
    Video Marketing Profit Kit
    The Internet Marketer’s Handbook
    Youtube Channel SEO
  • Unlimited Usage For Your Own Projects
  • Unlimited Usage For Client Projects
  • Download Whatever You Want,
    When You Want It
  • 30%
  • Regular Price $67.00 
  • WARNING Sale Ends In:
Stockocity 4K 2000 3840x2160 Stock Videos Developers License
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I Sell These Videos?
No. Although we have a designer/developer rights option, you cannot sell these videos directly.

If you purchase personal rights, you can use these videos in your own work. If you purchase developer rights, you can include these videos into a bigger project for clients. A couple of examples include a video carousel on a webpage or a sales video for a client. Another example would be if you created video intros or outros using our backgrounds - you would be able to sell those. Basically, the videos must be a part of a bigger project.

If you're not sure of your rights, just ask our support team and we will be sure to let you know.
  • Do You Have A Reseller Program?
Yes. We do offer a reseller program where you can sell access to Stockocity 4K to your clients and others. We handle all account delivery, technical support and even manage the huge hosting/bandwidth fees of storing our library (over 1,600 GB) of HD videos.

This program is available only to Stockocity 4K members and will be offered to you after you join.
  • Will These Videos Work With {app name}?
Yes. Stockocity 4K videos will work with any software, service or toolo that allows you to load / upload videos.

Our team has spent hundreds of hours resizing all Ultra HD videos into 6 size from 3840x2160 all the way down to 426x240, so you can continue to use your existing software & tools with no extra work.
  • Can I Purchase Resale or Distribution Rights For The Videos?
No. We don't offer reseller rights or distribution rights for Stockocity 4K for many reasons, including de-valuing the content.

Generally when a product offers resale rights, there are a handful of resellers that release the content for a very low price which hurts all resellers. We don't play that game.
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