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If you’re trying to sell any product online, generate leads, or do any type of marketing, then I’m sure you already know how important video is for achieving outstanding results.

But as technology grows, so does a massive problem in a ton of online businesses.

As a matter of fact, it’s affecting the bottom line of so many businesses online and I’m sure it’s affecting yours too.
I’m talking about things like:
Your opt in rates going down the drain
Videos you put on your page not being watched fully
Visitors leaving your page seconds after landing on your site
Your page failing to generate meaningful and impactful revenue
See, it’s not about the graphics, the fonts,
 or even the colors you use in your marketing.  

Don’t get me wrong, all those things matter, but there’s a currency that’s becoming short in supply and it’s costing you a ton of money RIGHT NOW.

And that currency?  It’s attention. It’s getting harder and harder to keep people’s attention focused on your offers EVEN WITH a powerful video.

Most likely, if you have video on your page, people still scroll down within a few seconds of coming to your page and take their eyes off the video your using to get sales and/or leads. It’s a massive problem across the board and because of this, I set out to create a solution that keeps visitors attention EXACTLY where you want it... Your video which promotes your offer.

If All The “Big Boys” Use It, Then Why Can’t You?
While thinking of how to solve this major dilemma, I was on a sports site on Yahoo.com.  Just casually scrolling through the article and that’s when I noticed something:

Everytime I scrolled down, the video at the top of the page would also show up on the side of the page.  And no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the video or stop glancing over at it. After doing some research, I also found that sites like CNN, TEDx, and other major publishing goliaths were using the same technology to cash in on their visitors attention too.

And that’s when it hit me! I needed to create the same technology for all my sites and offers. One that would be easy to implement, but wouldn’t require a massive understanding of programming code.

So I got to work. It took a number of months but I’m glad to say that I came up with my own easy to use solution. And I’m making it available here for the very first time.
And I’m making it available here for the very first time in a special Pre-Release Deal...
Announcing Corner Videos
The Software We Use To Never Lose
The Attention of Any Web Visitor Ever!
Corner Videos Is Super Easy To Use!
Just Follow These Simple Steps
As you’ll see in a moment, Corner Videos is incredibly easy to use on your site.  It doesn’t require a ton of technical expertise -- you can have it up and running in 10 minutes. Even if you’re a brand spanking newbie! As a matter of fact, we’re using it on this page.  (Did you notice?)
You just simply follow these steps:
Create A New Campaign
Enter The Details and Description
Tweak Your Corner Video Settings
Copy and Paste The Code To Your Website
And that’s it! Plus, if you ever get stuck, I’ve put together a full set of tutorials to help you get Corner Videos up and running on your site as quickly as possible.
Here’s What’s Included Inside of
The Corner Videos Software Platform:
Select Video Version On Page
Choose from whether you want the first video on the page to be displayed as a corner video, or select from the manual option and tweak things to your liking.
Width Video Input Option   
You can choose the exact width of your Corner Videos by pixel size. Make it as large or as small as you like. And Corner Videos will automatically adjust the height size accordingly!
Transition Time Adjustment   PRO
Adjusts the time down to the millisecond in which you want the Corner Videos to appear on your page. This way your visitors won’t miss viewing one important moment in your videos.
Transition Fades & Motion   PRO 
Use this option to make a smoother transition of your Corner Videos which will create an eye catching dazzling display!
Border Controls and Box Shadow Options   PRO
Make your videos stand out even more with this option. Just by adding a shadow to your Corner Video, it can give it a 3D feel. And by adding a border, you can draw even more attention to your video! Plus adjust shadow blur, color, border thickness, shadow direction right down to the perfect pixel.
Lower Right Hand Corner Exposure
When you setup your Corner Videos, the software will automatically place your videos in the right hand corner when someone scrolls down past your video. Thus keeping the attention right where you want it every single time.
Video Location Option   PRO
For those that want more control of where their Corner Video shows, or have a site design that makes the lower right corner a bad spot for the video, this option is perfect. Choose from 9 different locations to show your video when your web visitor scrolls down the page.
Close Button Option    PRO
If you want visitors to be able to close your Corner Video, then you’ll love this option. It’s as simple as selecting ‘yes’ to close the video in your setup, and Corner Videos will display the close option on every video you use with the software.
Call To Action Button   PRO 
This is where Corner Videos stands out from all the rest. While it’s great to have your video show when visitors scroll down your page, it’s even better when you can move them to take an action that creates outstanding results! Just like the Corner Videos option above, you’ll also be able to style your call to action button perfectly. Choose from padding, font sizes, types of fonts, text color, gradients, shadows, borders, and more! Everything you need in this option is at your fingertips.
Corner Videos Is Also Backed By My
No Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!
I want you to take Corner Videos for a full test run for the next 30 days.  Go ahead, install it on your sites, and watch it increase your conversions and bottom line.  

And if for any reason within the next 30 days it doesn’t perform how I say it does, then I want you to contact my team immediately to help you.

And if we can’t help you solve the problem, I’ll personally issue you a full refund.  No questions asked.

Does that sound fair?
Hurry! Corner Videos Is Available At A Low Price
For A Limited Time Only
If you’re serious about boosting your conversions and your bank account, then you need to add this to your order right now. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps (which we’ll show you how to do) and you can grab hold of and command your visitors attention easily.

Even if Corner Videos only helped you increase your conversions an extra 5%, that could add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your bottom line this year alone! And the best part is that there’s no monthly recurring fee involved.  A one time payment is all it takes to get started. But you’ll need to act fast.

Unfortunately, Corner Videos is only available for this price during this special pre-release promotion.  Once the timer runs out and the promotion is over, you’ll either have to pay more for access, pay a monthly fee, or we’ll remove it all together.
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Corner Videos Pro
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